Q: Actress, huh?  Where have I seen you?

A: Facebook.


Q: Can you act in my film?  I can't pay you, but feel free to use the footage for your demo reel!

A: I called Georgia Power and asked them if they would accept my demo reel as a method of payment.  A nice lady named Pam told me no.  I don't think she really "got" it, though.  (But seriously, if you have a solid and organized project, we might be able to work something out.  You can pay me in fruit snacks or candy corn.  Or both.)


Q: So do you have an Etsy shop?  What's the deal?

A: Once upon a time I tried to start a business selling handmade goods.  I realized I could not pick just one craft to devote all of my time and energy to.  Should I sew things?  Crochet? Make jewelry?  Make crochet jewelry?   Woodburn pictures of cats into antique coffee tables?  The possibilities were endless...and so was my credit card debt.  I decided to offer my crafty services to the public and continue making my own projects during my free time.  Maybe one day I will give it another shot.  Until then, call me if you need your pillows re-covered.  


Q: How would you describe your "type" when it comes to acting?