I enjoy making videos.

I started making movies at age eight when my dad brought home a camcorder.   I taught myself editing in high school by exploring all that Pinnacle Studio's software had to offer.  After wowing my teachers and classmates with my SUPER NEAT video projects (my mom still talks about my Spanish video), I decided to attend the University of North Carolina at Wilmington to study film.  I learned theory.  I learned (some) production.  I learned that UNCW was not the school for me.  I transferred to the University of Georgia and studied mass media arts (film production) and theatre.  Developing my skills in both of these disciplines allowed me to have the benefit of knowing the perspective both in front of and behind the lens.  After graduating, I decided to pursue acting.  

The thing about acting is that it's extremely difficult to make it a full-time job, but you probably already knew that. So while I was bouncing around various survival jobs, I made some fun sketches with my friends.  It's important to stay sharp and keep creating.  At least that's what all of the self-help books say.  

Eventually, I got a full-time job at an e-Learning company called Udacity.  I worked with Georgia Tech professors and course developers to produce and edit interactive, project-based video courses for Georgia Tech's online masters degree in Computer Science. 

After working at Udacity for a year and a half, I packed my things and moved to Brooklyn, New York (along with my husband-elect). I gave acting another go, but life in NYC was challenging. We decided to move to San Francisco, California after spending a year in Brooklyn. I am currently working as an assistant video editor at MasterClass.

Recent Stuff

Mostly goofy, but it helps me feel creatively fulfilled.

2016-2017 // Co-writer, co-director, co-art director, and co-editor

2014 // Co-writer, DP, editor

2017 // Editor // For Magnet Theater sketch team

2016 // Co-writer, DP, editor // Made this on a whim on Valentine's Day

2015 // Writer, DP, Editor

2014 // Writer, DP, Editor

2016-2017 // Co-writer, co-director, co-art director, and editor

2017 // Editor // For Magnet Theater sketch team

2016 // Writer, director, and editor // For Udacity's social media

2015 // Edited parody of a horror trailer using footage from a camping trip

2014 // Writer, DP, editor // Self-directed project while working at a cupcake shop